Motion graphics for Belgium's biggest Drum&Bass event

Who was it for?
Stealth Bombers | while employed at Open Up Media
What did I do?
All 3D modeling, texturing and animation

Dropping the bass

One of the founders of Stealth Bombers, DJ Echo Virus, happens to be my boss at Open Up Media. He wanted a new 3D animation for the upcoming Heavy Weight edition of their event. As usual, a design was made by my colleague Lance with a few very useful and great looking elements: illustrated duotone stealth bombers and bombs.

The actual style was made with only 2 base colors, namely blue and very dimly saturated brown, which gives that slight hint of chroma dissonance. This color palette and style combined with the stealth bombers were the ideal base for creating the 3D animation.

Design by Lance Peersman

Stealth Bombers 18 HWE Poster created by Lance

3D Creation

In order to convert the design into 3D elements, I used the open-source suite Blender. I also had to use Font Forge since Blender did not yet support N-Gons back in 2010. So I imported Illustrator elements into a font, which could then be read and used within Blender. It's a nifty trick which is still used in web development.

Texturing Stealth Bombers in BlenderAnimating Stealth Bombers in Blender (1/2)Animating Stealth Bombers in Blender (2/2)

The result

The idea behind the animation is to represent Tito and Echo Virus as 2 stealth bombers. They take off, fly towards the Stealth Bombers event and drop the bass using these virtual bombs. The bombs are used as a metaphor and explode into a line-up of amazingly talented artists. And the rest... is history.

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