The Light-Worker's Companion

A gateway into higher realms and the dimensions of consciousness

2006 Amanda Guggenheimer

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Practical and modern guidance

This is a very inspiring read. The more experience you have with meditation, regression, prayer, and other ways to expand your consciousness, the more you will feel a connection with the contents of this book. Also, Amanda (the writer) has added several meditation exercises that help you navigate through the expansive and intriguing world of consciousness and everything that lies beyond everyday comprehension.

As the title says, it's an excellent companion for Light-Workers and people who are aspiring to become one.


99 significant notes

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  • 7%Ascension is the process of spiritual awakening. It is where an initiate connects both to the spiritual realms above and the holy realms within. The initiate remembers the higher plan for Earth as well as his/her own divine plan and purpose for being on Earth.
  • 7%We recognise that it is now time for humanity to understand these factors and transcend the fear of the unknown through the gaining of knowledge and awareness.
  • 7%As a Light-worker you have agreed to awaken earlier than others and clear the way for their unfolding.
  • 7%If you doubt whether you are a Light-worker, know this: if you were not, or were not yet ready for such information, you would not be attracted to this book.
  • 7%As you come to deeper levels of awareness, it can feel as though the previous levels you have known are incorrect. This is not the case as those previous levels were relevant at the time, however as you ascend you require new depth and insight.
  • 7%If at any time you require further assistance in your own development or in understanding the material, call upon us through the process of prayer and meditation.
  • 8%Many humans walk Earth with a very limited awareness of anything beyond their immediate experience. They are aware when they are hungry, tired, thirsty or in pain. Most people go beyond this and are aware when they are stressed, anxious, angry, happy or sad.
  • 8%there are others who know that there is more to life than what is seen or felt in the physical world. They dare to explore outside what is known and begin to investigate energetic realities.
  • 9%Do not be concerned if you do not understand your Hierarchy straight away. The real understanding comes through experiencing it yourself and the meditations will give you that opportunity.
  • 9%The Spiritual Hierarchy for Earth consists of twelve founding individual Hierarchies that were the first to act as the governing body of the planet. Over time the Spiritual Hierarchy for Earth received the membership of new Hierarchies from different parts of the galaxy. The founding members still remain as the Spiritual Hierarchy for Earth and are the core of the governing body.
  • 12%Souls benefit from manifesting a shard of their light as a human on Earth. It is an opportunity to develop less evolved aspects of the Soul’s Hierarchy and contribute to the evolution of humanity.
  • 12%The important thing to remember is that all earthly experiences are transmutable and can always be evolved in a way that brings spiritual evolution to the Soul.
  • 16%The first dimension is home to the mineral kingdom. Creation begins at the embryonic stage and gradually develops into form. All creation in this dimension has consciousness and is connected to and part of the Divine Source.
  • 16%The second dimension is home to the plant/vegetable kingdom. In the second dimension creation enters the next level of development. It begins to take its first steps on the path of experiencing itself by entering into the cycles of living: birth, death and rebirth.
  • 16%The third dimension can easily be understood as the animal kingdom. The third dimension develops consciousness further into a level of self consciousness. Creation develops an attachment to its life and thus develops the Will to Survive. Such attachment creates awareness of that which may damage or end life and thus fear is born.
  • 17%Humans exist in the third dimension or lower levels of the fourth dimension until they evolve themselves beyond their primary focus on survival and desire to survive,
  • 17%The purpose of the Earth/physical level of the Hierarchy is to house the first, second and third dimensions thus creating a foundation for the Hierarchy to evolve aspects of itself, for example, a human initiate, into higher states of consciousness.
  • 17%When a person chooses to move into the higher levels of the fourth dimension he/she enters into a whole new phase of learning and experience where the belief systems and behaviours that governed the old life of the third and lower fourth dimensions are stripped away.
  • 18%Ether – ‘A hypothetical medium formerly believed to fill all space and to support the propagation of electromagnetic waves. Greek myth: The upper regions of the atmosphere; clear sky or heaven.’ Etheric – (adjective). Ethereal – ‘Extremely delicate or refined; exquisite. Almost as light as air; impalpable; airy. Celestial or spiritual.’ 1 (1. Collins English Dictionary, (Harper Collins Publishers, Glasgow Great Brittan, 2003)
  • 18%What is certain is that whether it takes years, decades or centuries, changes will occur in the mindset of humanity creating connection with higher states of consciousness. The etheric realm is something that we will eventually come to know intimately as a natural function of evolution.
  • 18%The fourth dimension is known as the Human Kingdom, as the abilities and sensibilities a person aligns to in the fourth dimension reflect the truer nature of humanity
  • 19%the Incarnated Self, the Higher Self and Incarnation Team takes care to meet your physical needs according to what you have chosen for your earthly experience. This level reads how you are and then relays that information back to the Higher Council of Higher Self. The Higher Self monitors how you are coping with the Earth assignment,
  • 19%Your Higher Self is who you are, really, without the learnt behaviours, patterns and beliefs of your earthly personality, or third dimensional self.
  • 19%Your Higher Self is the director of the plan for your physicality and your time upon Earth.
  • 19%The Incarnation Council Working closely with the Higher Self, the Incarnation Council is concerned with manifesting the essence of your Soul into your human form, and into a blueprint and life plan upon Earth’s floor.
  • 19%You, the Incarnated Self, can connect with the Incarnation Council in meditation and dreams.
  • 21%The consciousness or awareness that you carry with you in your life on Earth has its origins not within your mind but in a higher level of your Hierarchy.
  • 21%Some people have evolved the Earth-bound part of their mental field to a ‘prayer field’ where the field is continually filled with prayers and the highest focused intentions. (See the book ‘The Secret of Shambhala’ by James Redfield for a deeper understanding of ‘prayer fields’).
  • 21%The Star Core Command channels higher information down into the Lunar Mind of the Human Incarnate. The Lunar Mind is the feminine aspect of the mind responsible for receiving divinely inspired information.
  • 22%Lifting the Vibration of Your Mental Field Sound In your meditations use the vibration of sacred chants to create a force field of sound vibration in and around you. The AUM chant is very powerful and has been used by initiates for centuries.
  • 23%Read spiritual and personal development books as a way of reprogramming your thinking processes.
  • 25%Initiates who have reached this level of their Hierarchy are generally drawn to intense periods of meditation, contemplation and peaceful surroundings as they integrate this high level of awareness.
  • 27%Where the fourth dimension has housed the Human Kingdom and has been a workshop for Human Incarnates to resolve their issues and reconnect to their spiritual selves, the fifth dimension is the Spiritual Kingdom.
  • 27%The doorway to Christ Consciousness, the fifth dimension is the home base of love. It is a dimension that does not carry the duality of love and fear as the fourth dimension does.
  • 27%In the early stages of the fifth dimension the initiate is trained by a Christ Consciousness representative to hold the higher frequencies required in fifth dimensional living.
  • 28%The Sun Level is the attainment of Christ Consciousness or the awareness of the Oneness of all things. The Sun level can be a euphoric experience and a taste of what life will be like for everyone when humanity is fully integrated in this energy and we as a Global/Spiritual Family all live in Christ Consciousness together.
  • 29%In the sixth dimension, the divine initiate leaves behind what remains of his understanding of separateness and prepares to immerse himself in the knowing of the Oneness of God. He recognises the truth of God and understands God to be the Force of Light, the Source of Light, the Oneness, the All that Is.
  • 29%The Shambhala Council vibrates in the same frequency range as the sixth dimension. The Shambhala Council is both at this level and in the core of the Earth, which is not represented on this particular structure. The Shambhala Council consists of Ancient Beings that were on the council prior to the creation of Earth.
  • 29%developing the Shambhala level deeply shifts the Hara system. The Hara region is below the navel and is not one point but an area of light. The Hara is a template for higher consciousness in the human body. Within this template are codes for living in a higher state of alignment to the Divine Will as well as doorways to other dimensions.
  • 30%Referred to as ‘Seventh Heaven’, the seventh dimension is home to many Angelic and Celestial Beings as well as the Universal Levels of the Hierarchy. Once the Master has surrendered to the releasing of himself into the All that Is of the sixth dimension, he may elect to gather himself again into a form of his choosing and rejoin the Community of Light within the seventh dimension.
  • 30%The Ray Being level is part of the Universal level and is connected to the Soul level, the highest part of the Hierarchy. The Ray Being is a manifestation of the Universal Consciousness and because it is at a very high level of the Hierarchy, represents purity and Oneness Consciousness.
  • 32%Earth is still relatively unevolved in terms of reaching its multidimensional capacity. It can hold multiple frequency bands and the energy to access many dimensional planes of creation.
  • 34%The Torch Bearer holds the flame of Vision. This initiate holds the flame of future possibility. Where there is no hope, the Torch Bearer brings faith. The Torch Bearer holds the torch of light through the times of darkness on Earth and lights the way for others.
  • 35%The Circuit Breaker investigates the family consciousness and may look into the past generations of the family. This person will observe her own patterns and beliefs and will seek to transcend them. In transcending her own behaviours she breaks the circuit for future generations.
  • 36%The Way-Shower is a person prepared to ‘go out on a limb’ in order to improve his/her life and contribute to the world. This person is prepared to take risks regardless of the judgement he may receive from others. Over Earth’s history, some Way-Showers have been persecuted, jailed and in some cases put to death.
  • 36%A Light-Worker is a person who is aligned to the highest plan for Earth. The person works consciously to assist humanity and Earth to realise this divine plan.
  • 36%Light-Worker training goes hand in hand with the Ascension process. The function of the training is to assist the initiate to be consciously aware of her assignments and purpose on Earth. It is to teach her to channel divine love and light on a day to day basis in every situation. The Light-Worker is required and will be tested to attain levels of compassion, empathy, care and consideration for all living things.
  • 37%When he ascends he moves from a third dimensional energy and framework into the fifth dimension which is the Gateway of the Christ Consciousness. The fourth dimension is the transitional plane that assists him to integrate the principles of Christ Consciousness and taste many of its frequencies before entering completely into the power, intensity and love of this energy.
  • 38%Once an incarnate decides to embrace this fear of power, greatness and God, and to move toward embracing his inner power, the blueprint begins to activate even more deeply and intensely.
  • 38%A person, who may not have previously been overly concerned with spiritual development, begins to read metaphysical material, attend workshops of a spiritual basis, and seek the counsel of those already involved in stages of their awakening process.
  • 39%He realises that as he hurts others, he hurts himself and vice versa.
  • 40%He realises, at least in theory, that he is an aspect of the whole, of the Oneness of All that Is. He awakens to the understanding that with a connection to the rest of the Hierarchy, he can truly experience himself as whole. The incarnate reconnects with his Higher Mind/Higher Self and moves into conscious awareness of his multidimensional form.
  • 40%In the Third Stage of Ascension the incarnate enters a series of initiations and training programs designed by the Hierarchy. These programs change the vibrational frequency of the initiate so that he has the capacity to hold higher sets of frequencies simultaneously.
  • 42%Focusing on Light is definitely the strongest technique as Ascension is about transforming the physical self with Light and becoming Light. Drawing the Light into your body, mind and energy fields every day is most effective and can be done through meditation, breathing techniques, focusing on the sun, being aware of the healing benefits of sunlight and thinking ‘light’ thoughts.
  • 43%to deep levels of meditation, drawing/artwork or other creative pursuits, writing, contemplation and resting. These periods can be soul-restoring and healing and have great advantages in supporting spiritual development.
  • 43%As Ascension raises the initiate to new heights, so does it raise his awareness of life and appreciation for certain things.
  • 45%His heart will desire to express itself through creative pursuits such as cooking, art, sewing, sculpture, music, dance, writing and or acts of kindness towards others. Nature, if it doesn’t already, will play a strong part in his life.
  • 45%more mindful care of animals, plants and trees.
  • 46%A Soul, in order to experience itself, created a Hierarchy structure so that it can have many aspects of itself living in many levels and dimensions of experience, simultaneously.
  • 46%It is the will to survive and to protect himself from the harshness of the exterior world that forces a human to adopt characteristics that are not true to his real Core Self.
  • 49%A Hierarchy will often incarnate an aspect lifetime after lifetime to educate him about who he is in order to have him share such greatness with humanity.
  • 50%past life travel is beneficial, not only to heal such gaping wounds but to call forth skills, knowledge and wisdom from previous incarnations and use them in the present.
  • 50%The Great White Hall exists in the fifth dimension and is a meeting place for many Beings of Light. In the Great White Hall your aspects can communicate with you and share their story. They may wish to be healed and in which case, they can utilise the cylinder of violet or white light. If they wish to pass on their wisdom, they may talk for some time or simply sit with you passing on healing and wisdom vibrationally and telepathically.
  • 52%It is one thing to be told the mysteries by another and a totally different thing to know them and experience their power.
  • 53%the strength of the seas, the Earth and the Nature Realms. These three energies are bound together in love and in a force of light that acts as a powerful triad of energies for all those on Earth wishing to Ascend.
  • 53%The oceans of Earth act as transmitters for the higher frequencies. As humanity awakens, Earth receives higher frequencies and information from the Spiritual Family of Light in various other realms.
  • 53%The sea is a healer within all aspects and thus aids the initiate to Ascend through healing, cleansing and reconnection.
  • 54%The fish and creatures of the lakes and rivers are to be respected for the healers they are as they hold keys to the next phase of spiritual evolution for humanity.
  • 57%suggestions of grounding exercises which may be integrated into your life: 1. Meditation, writing, prayer, exercise, reading, or creating art in places of natural surroundings. Such places include forests, woodlands, gardens, parks, lakes, seaside or snow. 2. Cooking, housework and gardening. Many spiritual orders over the centuries have often kept their initiates engaged in certain mundane activities as there is real power to be found in such tasks. Aside from the grounding effects, these activities clear the head, shift melancholy, encourage motivation and bring a sense of achievement to an ...more
  • 58%The Messenger of Light is a Being of Light assigned to you when you decide to make the transition from fear to love. This transition is the Ascension process or the process where an individual moves out of the constraints of third dimension (the ‘home base’ of fear) and into fifth dimension known to many as the Christ Consciousness or Love consciousness.
  • 58%Your Messenger of Light can be called on at any time you feel you need the assistance of this energy of divinity. In order to strengthen and further develop your relationship with your Messenger of Light, allow yourself to sit quietly on a regular basis, daily
  • 58%Each individual is assigned an Overseer who volunteers for the position, before they come to Earth. The function of an Overseer is to ‘check’ on you through various stages of your life journey and to ensure that all is going according to plan. The Overseer holds a copy of the blueprint of your life plan and genetic structures and will alert you if there is any interference in these plans that may block you from being all that you are meant to be. Your Overseer keeps you on the right track and doesn’t allow you to divert yourself too much.
  • 59%A Christ Consciousness Companion is a Master who has been initiated through training with He who is the Christ, as one who has attained Christ Consciousness. The training process can be likened to an apprenticeship whereby the apprentice must demonstrate a commitment to the principles that define Christ Consciousness. Such principles include compassion, forgiveness, trust, allowing all things to be and flow as they need to, and integrity.
  • 59%he Brotherhood of Light is a group of Ascended Masters, Archangels, High Lamas and other highly evolved beings that congregate on the seventh dimension and offer themselves to humanity in the way of guidance, healing and other spiritual services.
  • 59%The Ancient Elders of the Native American, Australian Aboriginal, Tibetan and Mongolian peoples are also members of this divine council and have loyally served humanity and the planet for many centuries. The Brotherhood positions itself over the Himalayas, in the etheric,
  • 60%Our work here on Earth is to assist humanity to restore the feminine principle and to choose creativity, kindness and truth as essential components of daily living.
  • 61%For every issue that could ever cause pain to humanity, there is an angel dedicated to finding its cure, so call on the Angelic Council for they are more than pleased to assist you.
  • 71%You of pure heart can sit quietly in places of intense light and spiritual connectedness and listen carefully.
  • 73%Our first way is through acknowledgement, encouraging humanity to consider pain, to understand it and then to seek to find its cause.
  • 73%The second way is through communication; development of sharing one’s troubles with others through communicating burdens and fears.
  • 73%The third way is through connection. We use the keys and gifts of communication and education to connect people to people.
  • 74%The fourth way is through action. This is where our interest in organisations such as the Red Cross, child welfare groups and communities of people who involve themselves in the protection of animals and nature comes from.
  • 82%Remember it does not matter what method you use or how your emotional body chooses to cleanse itself. What is important is that your emotional body does make the choice to ascend.
  • 82%Allow your emotions to flow as they need to, for in this flow healing occurs.
  • 87%The Great White Hall is a meeting place for all Beings of Light and is always available to you to use as a place to heal and receive information. In your spiritual development, the Great White Hall can assist you to connect to your Higher Self and Guides.
  • 89%Spirituality in essence is a very simple truth, it is the gentle beat of the universal drum.
  • 89%Gratitude and acknowledgment, kindness and well wishing are among the simplest and strongest forms of the spiritual path.
  • 89%Spend time on this question, “What is spiritual life?” and you will begin to understand its full meaning for you. All aspects of your life will become keys to your spiritual development, even the most mundane and ordinary tasks and issues.
  • 90%For many initiates, what starts off as journal writing can end up being channelled writing. Through writing, We that are of the Guides and Guardians for humanity can direct our messages into the initiate and have them come out through the pen and onto the paper.
  • 91%The most important aspect of prayer is the intention behind it. We receive permission from you to aid you not only by what you say in prayer, but the energy behind it. We feel the strength of your heart and your true desire to connect and we know what you are meaning regardless of what words you use.
  • 91%The natural world will always be one of the strongest and most powerful healers for humankind. Humanity need only to reconnect to the natural world for many of the issues that feel like mountains to dissolve down to barely mounds. This connection is as simple as spending time in nature regularly.
  • 91%The right books, tapes and CD’s for you will call you. They will almost leap out at you from the shelves in the shop or they will be given to you by a friend or associate.
  • 92%The spiritual path is very much about trusting your intuition so use it to guide you to the right material.
  • 92%It is wise to observe those in your life who are supportive or unsupportive. For in the midst of spiritual challenge it makes all the difference if you are surrounded by people who will nurture you through periods of self-doubt or when you are tempted to abort the spiritual path.
  • 92%remember that every time you raise your vibration, you aid others. As you heal, so does humanity collectively heal. Thank you for contributing to raising the vibration of humanity.
  • 98%A Light-Worker is a Being of Light that incarnates specifically to reach a higher level of spiritual awareness and aid others to do the same in the process.
  • 98%Lunar Mind: The feminine aspect of your mind responsible for allowing channelled information to reach you. The Lunar Mind receives all higher inspiration and divine guidance. Every person on Earth’s floor has a Lunar Mind and is connected to their Hierarchy.
  • 98%Meditation, prayer, writing, and spending time in nature are powerful tools to use when developing a connection with your Lunar Mind.
  • 99%Soul: A Soul is the Oneness beyond the Hierarchy as well as the whole Hierarchy and all aspects contained within it.