The Evolution Of The Spirit Of Mankind

The 82nd Regime Of Light Workers

2015 Julie MacDonald

4 Stars
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Wisdom from a higher plane of existence

25 January 2023

There's something about the contents of this book that sets it apart, in the most positive sense you can think of. At first sight, I was convinced it was just an easily digestible collection of transcriptions from recorded sessions by the gifted medium Julie Macdonald. However, it will become apparent rather quickly that these transcriptions contain fundamental wisdom, the very wisdom we need to foster in order to grow, not just as a single Soul, but as the combined consciousness of all Souls gathered here on Earth.

Julie brings us more than just a few messages. These messages originate from something that is called "The 82nd Regime Of Light-Workers". Think of this so-called Regime as a form of bundled energy and consciousness. They are here to help evolve all Souls living on Earth. They are here to help us "wake up further". Whether you believe this or not, this book truly succeeds in helping achieve this goal by communicating rather difficult life lessons in an easily digestible and beautifully put-together book. Thank you for sharing your gift with us Julie.


  • Paperback:‎ 382 pages
  • E-book: 384 pages
  • ISBN-10:‎ 1939054494
  • ISBN-13:‎ 978-1939054494

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  • 4%“When one can find . . . offer themselves out of the sincerest heart and not out of some ego-driven desire to be altruistic or to learn the ‘secrets,’ or to master the principles, then one will be achieving the highest good.”
  • 4%The spirits highlight the importance of keeping a dream journal and manifesting positive and sincere intentions when going into dreams.
  • 9%The language that we speak now is not even a “language.” [Smiles.] What we are is thought and vibration and form. We communicate through that,
  • 10%make no mistake, the Ultimate Supreme Power, the Ultimate Supreme Force, cannot be put into words. In fact, it vibrates and pulsates at an immeasurable rate because the Ultimate Supreme Force is all. It is all things.
  • 10%You cannot contain in a book or on a paper the magnitude, light, and love of Creation.
  • 10%There have been and continue to be, in your world, many horrific events, wars, fighting, breaking apart of nations, of friends, of families. All in the name of having the truth of the one God or the one idea of God, or being against someone’s idea of God.
  • 11%if one can have reverence for God, true reverence, not reverence out of fear, not worship out of practice, but just reverence . . . reverence includes a love of, a desire for, a level of gratitude, and recognition of the beauty in all things, then they can see the possibility of all things.
  • 15%You humans are those that try to possess. We spirits do not. Humans try to possess many things—money, driving vehicles, and homes. You even try to possess other humans. Humans try to possess love. They try to hold on to all of these things, but we do not—nor would we ever attempt to possess.
  • 15%This information, or personalities, or pieces of our personalities, of the consciousness comes together, much like the many droplets of water that would be in a snowflake.
  • 18%when one incarnates on your earthen plane, it is important to remember that one chooses a life plan. Generally, “the identity of who they will be” is chosen after they have chosen what the next thing is that they must learn or must give to others.
  • 19%Each of you comes here with a “task list,” if you will, a design. If your list is this long [demonstrates with hands held apart widely], most people will accomplish about 5 percent or 10 percent of their list in a successful incarnation. That is your average human being.
  • 21%it is important for people to continue to open themselves up. Continue to meditate and to let go of those things that keep you grounded in the false world, in the false reality that keeps your blinders on.
  • 22%Incarnation itself is a choice; you do not have to incarnate on this earthen plane either. There are other planes, however, for some of them; you have to be at a certain resonance to cross the boundaries and borders.
  • 23%there are those energies that incarnate as a higher level of being . . . there are interdimensional beings, otherworldly beings that can inhabit this world.
  • 26%if you have something on your task list and you were to come in and remember exactly what you came to do, why then, you could get that done quite quickly, and the challenge would not be there.
  • 26%The religious sects are also designed by politician types, so it wasn’t just “This is what’s best for you,” but it was “This is what’s best for us, and this is how we want to build this society, and what we politicians want to get out of it.”
  • 27%When allowed to be completely free, the child will blossom and grow and learn much more than from any formalized education, any structure or models or behavioral therapy and all of these wondrous things that society has created to try to get children to adapt to a maladaptive society. You are trying to normalize them in a world that is abnormal, and that becomes problematic.
  • 29%There is so much noise as you watch your televisions, play your video games, and play around on your computers. You are so busy, busy, busy that your children never learn how to just be present!
  • 35%Many people are walking around feeling dead inside. So much so that they no longer even recognize they are feeling it. However, there is a need for that connection; there is a need for balance to be struck for that relationship to be created with nature.
  • 36%Becoming more connected with nature is now one of the necessary tasks for some of you humans. It is plan A, if you will, for the Earth to find its homeostasis again.
  • 38%“Your joy is your sorrow, unmasked” (Gibran, 1923). In other words, you cannot know the feeling of one without having experienced the other.
  • 40%Thought forms carry their own energy as well. When the particles attach to the thought forms, they carry the thought forms forward. This is, in part, to give a more concrete explanation of what we mean when we say that thought creates things.
  • 42%The purpose of you coming here is to recognize that you are god, to recognize the god in each other and, within that, have reverence for each other.
  • 43%When the pursuit of spirituality, the pursuit of a spiritual path, the pursuit of enlightenment, continues to come from a place of self-serving and a place of this ego-driven sense of importance, or trying to amass power, generally speaking, you will not be following the highest good.
  • 44%If you wish to learn how to manifest more, here is our challenge to you. Manifest more and then give it away! Do not keep it for yourselves; use it in its highest form. Better yet, manifest love, compassion, and mercy, for that is your true nature.
  • 45%Only when you drop into the depths of the pits of what you think of as hell are you able to rise to the highest heights of what you think of as the heavens. For in your world, there is duality; you cannot experience one without the other.
  • 48%even if you lose everything and lose your life, the result of it is that you still exist and you still survive.
  • 48%You have to be willing to release whatever attachments stand in your way.
  • 49%if it goes your way, then you may not get to where you desire to go. Because your way is sometimes ego-driven.
  • 51%Creating true brotherhood, sisterhood, family, and community; sharing with others; and being more loving and compassionate toward others.
  • 51%The spirit also carries its own vibrational frequency, which may be altered while living on the earthen plane. Therefore, when you die, you are resonating at a certain frequency.
  • 51%It matters not how much money you have. It is about your attachment to what you do have, whether it is a Rolls-Royce or a Tootsie Roll. It is about your belief that this “thing” is your solution.
  • 51%in many ways, you all still try to do that: You try to own property, you try to own people, and you try to own possessions. The owning of people is an extreme way to attempt to awaken you to attention.
  • 52%The only thing that you bring into this world and can take out of this world is love.
  • 52%Here is the real “secret”: to use their word. There has never been a time when you as spirit have ever owned anything, ever lost anything, or ever gained anything. This is all part of that illusion.
  • 52%The global spirit of you that was never born and will never die. That is everything already.
  • 52%Getting more does not bring you closer to any god except your own ego.
  • 56%these teachings are regarding the ways toward evolution of the spirit. In terms of that, then yes; the way that you measure success, the things that you measure as important are off base.
  • 57%Love is an action, it is a decision, it is a way of being, a state of grace. Yet so many of you pick and choose who you will love, who deserves love, who has done enough for you to “get” your love. Well, the love isn’t yours—it isn’t yours! Love is the pulse of the universe. Love is the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega. Love is the supreme guiding force.
  • 57%we wish to encourage you to just find a place to go to and sit there and to be with nature. Do not attempt to make anything happen or to look for anything in particular. Just be there with nature; just sit and breathe. Anything that happens, allow it to happen. Even if suddenly a storm comes in and you begin to get drenched, allow that to happen too.
  • 59%Dreamtime is an ideal place to go if one were to have an argument with a best friend; and if they were not sure how to patch things up, then it is a good place to start!
  • 61%You must understand that consciousness, when free, is no different from us. Your entire consciousness is not even in your vehicle. It will not fit!
  • 62%dreamtime can be a time for also doing some of your energetic medicine work. This is also a place where you may meet up with the great teachers who have, at one time, walked upon your earthen plane.
  • 65%the solar plexus or the heart area of the body. We consider this as the place of knowing, the place where the spirit knows.
  • 66%there is much more to the path than what you see with your eyes or hear with your ears.
  • 66%how you live attests to what you believe. How you live attests to where you are in your development and who you really believe you are.
  • 68%The point to remember, then, in using dreamtime is that this should be for the highest good in terms of whatever one is seeking. Not for personal gain and not from the place of the ego but from the place of the higher self,
  • 68%when you begin to see others as you and you as them, that is when the spirit begins to be lifted. It is only lifted if you are lifting others up with it. You cannot go alone.
  • 71%Religion, religion itself, is what you would call resultant from man’s need to create law, and from man’s need to create order.
  • 71%Human egos have a natural tendency to look at others that are somewhat different than them and judge them. They believe that their way is right and the others’ wrong. They think that they know the proper way for things and that others do not.
  • 74%what we are saying is, if you are looking to move forward in your evolution, it is time to see religions for what they are and then to find the wisdom in them all.
  • 74%Your mystical teachings tend to be a little closer to what the real teachings were, but they still are not the exact teachings.
  • 75%There is more hatred, death, suffering, illness, and hunger, from religion, religionists, and their differences than from anything else. Anything else! People use their religion to conquer others, to gain their money, their property, and their alliances.
  • 80%Look in that mirror at yourself and look directly into your own eyes. Look in them, not at them. In them—in them.
  • 85%everything that you do here is work. It is not separate from you. It is all that you are, it is all that you think, it is all that you breathe, it is all that you do. That is your work.
  • 90%if you would just let go, then you can embrace all of life—all of it! Most of you go through your life seeking, only seeking.
  • 91%You have never been alone, nor will you ever be alone. It is when you feel the most alone that, if you sit in the silence of that aloneness, you will feel us and others like us surround you and enfold you within the energy of our love
  • 92%You are currently moving into an age, a “period of measurement,” if you will, an intended purpose for further evolution.
  • 94%the Earth that you are on is a living, breathing organism. It is another piece of the breath, and since it is connected, there is no telling how a living, breathing organism will respond.
  • 97%So 2012 is not the end of the world, as we most people understand it. The world we know just disappears, but there are going to be some very cataclysmic changes