Destiny of Souls

New case Studies of Life Between Lives

2000 Michael Newton, PhD

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Another jewel by Dr. Michael Newton

22 November 2022

This is the second amazingly well-written book in the series by Dr. Michael Newton, Ph.D. It continues the exploration of Journey of Souls (1994) and further explains its findings. What's so remarkable about this series is that it is based on his life work in which he helped over 7000 clients spanning more than 35 years. These clients did not know each other yet told consistent stories under hypnosis.

Very few scientists claim to know what conscience is. Even fewer can explain how it functions within the universe. That said, Dr. Newton may have just found the most credible source of information about conscience and the afterlife. Using this credible source he clearly explains his findings in this fantastic sequel.


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"Destiny of Souls" by Dr. Michael Newton delves into the afterlife, exploring the spirit world and the journey of souls through thousands of hypnotic regression case studies. The book outlines the organization of the spirit world, where souls belong to groups and are guided by spirit mentors. It highlights the process of life selection and planning, which helps souls choose their next incarnation for optimal spiritual growth.

Newton emphasizes the importance of karmic lessons, reincarnation, and free will in shaping our experiences and contributing to soul evolution. Ultimately, the book suggests that the purpose of life is for souls to evolve spiritually and become more loving, compassionate, and wise beings, with Earth as a classroom for learning and growth.

Important learnings and insights

  1. The Spirit World
    The book reveals a highly organized and structured spirit world that exists beyond the physical realm. This world is inhabited by various beings, including spirits, guides, and other entities, who help and guide souls on their journey.
  2. Soul Groups
    Souls often belong to groups, with members who share similar traits, inclinations, and purposes. These groups provide support, encouragement, and learning opportunities for souls to progress in their spiritual evolution.
  3. Soul Guides
    Each soul has a guide or mentor, who assists in the soul's development and growth throughout its many incarnations. Guides possess higher wisdom and knowledge and are responsible for helping souls in their spiritual journey.
  4. Life Selection and Planning
    Before reincarnation, souls participate in the process of choosing their next life, including selecting their family, environment, and significant life events. This process is designed to offer the best possible opportunities for learning and spiritual growth.
  5. Karmic Lessons
    Life on Earth is an opportunity for souls to learn, grow, and evolve. Each lifetime offers unique experiences and challenges that contribute to a soul's spiritual development, allowing it to progress and advance through the spirit world's hierarchy.
  6. Soul Evolution
    Souls evolve through a series of incarnations and stages in the spirit world. As they progress, they acquire new knowledge, wisdom, and abilities that allow them to take on more complex and challenging roles in both the spirit world and their future incarnations.
  7. Reincarnation
    Reincarnation is a crucial aspect of the soul's journey, allowing it to experience multiple lives, learn various lessons, and advance in its spiritual evolution. The concept of reincarnation emphasizes the importance of personal responsibility and the interconnectedness of all beings.
  8. Healing and Review
    Upon returning to the spirit world after physical death, souls undergo a healing process, during which they release any lingering negative energies or emotions. They also review their past life experiences, evaluating their choices and the lessons they've learned.
  9. The Role of Free Will
    While the planning of a soul's life provides a general blueprint, free will allows for flexibility and choice within that plan. Souls have the power to make decisions and change their circumstances, allowing them to grow and learn in unique ways.
  10. The Purpose of Life
    The ultimate purpose of life is for souls to evolve spiritually and become more loving, compassionate, and wise beings. Earth serves as a classroom, where souls can learn, grow, and contribute to the greater good of the universe.

98 significant notes

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  • 0%Michael Duff Newton held a doctorate in Counseling Psychology and was a certified Master Hypnotherapist and a member of the American Counseling Association. He was on the faculty of higher educational institutions as a teacher and was active in private practice in Los Angeles.
  • 1%it did not matter if a person was an atheist, deeply religious, or believed in any philosophical persuasion in between—once they were in the proper superconscious state of hypnosis, all were consistent in their reports.
  • 2%At the moment of death, our soul rises out of its host body. If the soul is older and has experience from many former lives, it knows immediately it has been set free and is going home. These advanced souls need no one to greet them.
  • 2%The energy of the soul is able to divide into identical parts, similar to a hologram. It may live parallel lives in other bodies although this is much less common than we read about.
  • 2%Those souls who have been associated with evil are taken to special centers which some clients call “intensive care units.” Here, I am told, their energy is remodeled to make it whole again.
  • 3%There certainly is structure in the spirit world, but it exists within a sublime matrix of compassion, harmony, ethics and morality far beyond what we practice on Earth.
  • 5%Eastern practices of yoga and meditation include the use of chakra body points in ways that resemble how souls partition the human body with healing energy.
  • 6%Our life with each other—every scene—is never lost, and can be recaptured and played again in the spirit world.
  • 7%Light energy has some properties of electromagnetic force, and thus can work in mysterious ways with objects.
  • 12%When a soul once again returns to a pure energy state in the spirit world, it no longer feels hate, anger, envy, jealousy and the like. It has come to Earth to experience these sorts of emotions and learn from them.
  • 12%it is a soul’s destiny to search for truth in their experiences in order to gain wisdom.
  • 14%As Plato said, “Once free of the body, the soul is able to see truth clearly because it is more pure than before and recalls the pure ideas which it knew before.”
  • 14%the Akashic Record traditions of Eastern thought don’t appear to my subjects as being on some fourth causal plane separate from other functional areas. My subjects call these records Life Books, which are stored in symbolic libraries that are seen adjacent to other spiritual places.
  • 14%I am told all spatial zones have vibrational properties that allow for soul passage only when their energy waves are attuned to the proper frequency. The more developed souls explain that absolute time as we know it does not seem to exist in these areas.
  • 15%I questioned her further and she added, “While a rock has a l-D (density), a tree would be a 2-D and our bodies are at the 3-D level. Thus, the beings of nature would be invisible with a transparency registering between 4-D and 6-D.”
  • 17%A portion of the energy of most souls never leaves the spirit world during their incarnations.
  • 18%If souls were forced to do what is right for them they would learn nothing from getting into a funk and shutting themselves up from everyone.
  • 18%In my experience, all souls are repentant because they hold themselves accountable for their choices. From all I have learned, soul energy cannot be destroyed or made nonfunctional but it can be reshaped and purified of earthly contamination.
  • 18%Sartre said, “We have an imaginary self of the world with tendencies and desires and a real self.” To this statement I would add that of William Blake, “Perception of our true self may threaten mergence with that self.”
  • 20%Practicing evil is a source of power, strength and control for inadequate people. Hate takes away the reality of a hateful life. The warped minds of these executioners tell them, “If life is not worth living for me, why not take it away from somebody else.”
  • 23%Souls are an expression of beauty, imagination and creativity. The ancient Egyptians said that to begin to understand the soul, one must listen to the heart. I think they were right.
  • 24%There are certain displaced souls who have become so contaminated by their host bodies that they require special handling. In life they became destructive to others and themselves. This spectrum of behavior would primarily include souls who have been associated with evil acts that caused harm to other people through deliberate malice.
  • 26%We begin by examining all particles of damaged energy. Then these dark areas of blockage are removed and what is left—the voids—are rewoven with an infusion of new purified light energy. It is overlaid and melded into the repaired energy for strengthening.
  • 26%The hybrid is usually an older soul who, for a number of reasons, has decided to complete their physical lives on our planet. Their old worlds may no longer be habitable or they may have lived on a gentle world where life was just too easy and they want a difficult challenge with a world like Earth that has not yet reached its potential.
  • 26%I have noticed that when I do have a hybrid soul as a client with former experience on a telepathic world, they tend to have greater psychic abilities than normal.
  • 28%What is a protector soul? S: We try to protect those people whose innate goodness and intense desire to better the lives of large numbers of people on Earth must be preserved.
  • 28%one of the best ways to repair damaged energy is to receive it back slowly. Many souls of solitude are quite advanced and don’t require restoration in the normal recovery areas.
  • 30%The ability of a soul to unite with itself is a natural process of energy regeneration after physical death.
  • 31%Typically, a highly advanced soul will bring no more than 25 percent of its total capacity to Earth where the average, less confident soul has 50–70 percent. The energy of a more evolved soul is refined, elastic and vigorous in smaller quantities.
  • 31%Every soul has a specific energy field pattern which reflects an immortal blueprint of its character, regardless of the number of divided parts. When this spiritual ego is combined with a more structured personality of a physical brain, a higher density field is produced.
  • 31%A few hours’ rest from the human body can do wonders for a soul as long as the remaining portion left behind is on cruise control and not coping with a complex dream analysis. That circumstance may cause us to wake up exhausted.
  • 32%As my core center is filled with my own essence, the outer shell of my physical body imprint is melted off. It is as if I were a dog shaking off water droplets from my fur after getting wet. The unwanted earthly particles are jarred loose—dissolved—and my energy now begins to sparkle again instead of being a dull light.
  • 33%My soul was created out of a great irregular cloudy mass. I was expelled as a tiny particle of energy from this intense, pulsating bluish, yellow and white light. The pulsations send out hailstorms of soul matter. Some fall back and are reabsorbed but I continued outward and was being carried along in a stream with others like me. The next thing I knew, I was in a bright enclosed area with very loving beings taking care of me.
  • 34%I know that the souls who come to worlds such as Earth need to be strong and resilient because of the pain they have to endure along with the joy.
  • 35%In the spirit world, seeing a temple is not a literal record of stone blocks but rather a visualization of the meaning the temple has to that soul. Back on Earth, memories of past events in our soul life are reconstructions of circumstances and events based upon interpretations and conscious knowledge.
  • 35%There is a statement from the Upanishads of India about our senses being carried in memory after death. I believe this old philosophical text is correct in the assumption that the senses, emotions and human ego are a path to infinite experience, which provides a physical consciousness to the immortal Self.
  • 37%About half of all my clients see large groups of souls upon their return. The other half report that after their arrival they see just their own cluster. The visual images of either large or small gatherings of souls can vary with the same soul after different lives.
  • 38%Many of my clients speak about being in research library settings soon after rejoining their soul groups. I have come to accept the idea that it is a standard learning imperative that we begin to study our past lives in depth right away.
  • 39%The word “Akasha” essentially means the essence of all universal memory that is recording every energy vibration of existence, rather like an audio/visual magnetic tape.
  • 43%What is the significance of your Life Book and being in this whole library atmosphere? S: By studying my book I am able to recognize mistakes and experience alternatives.
  • 43%We must also keep in mind that a divine intelligence placed us in this environment to learn and grow for a greater good.
  • 44%White represents the energy color base for all souls. It is the shading of white with other color mixtures which identify each soul. White is very receptive energy. The newer ones are receiving vibrations in great quantities while teachers are sending information in large amounts to be absorbed as uncluttered truths.
  • 44%White: Purity, Clarity, Restlessness. Silver: Ethereal, Trust, Flexibility. Red: Passion, Intensity, Sensitivity. Orange: Exuberant, Impulsive, Openness. Yellow: Protective, Strength, Courage. Green: Healing, Nurturing, Compassion. Brown: Grounded, Tolerant, Industrious. Blue: Knowledge, Forgiveness, Revelation. Purple: Wisdom, Truth, Divinity.
  • 46%True healing must take into account both the physical and subtle body. When we meditate or practice yoga we work to unblock our emotional and spiritual energy through various parts of the body.
  • 46%Spiritual meditation as a means of getting in touch with our inner self is of great benefit in healing the body. There are many good self-help books on the market which explain the various forms of meditation.
  • 46%Those who have severe physical health problems tell me the best results come from meditating once a day for thirty minutes or twice a day for fifteen to twenty minutes.
  • 49%Earth societies have a nasty habit of mistrusting one another at best and demonstrating bitterness and cruelty at worst. Societies in the spirit world are inclined to be rigorous, moderate, or compliant in their interpersonal relationships but I see no evidence of discrimination or alienation either within or between soul groups.
  • 49%When we reincarnate into a new body, the soul’s character is united with the temperament of its host to form one persona. The body is the outward manifestation of the soul but it is not the total embodiment of our soul Self.
  • 51%Rather than stages of punishment, we go through stages of self- enlightenment. Yet large segments of human society are unable to shake off the nagging feeling, built over thousands of years of cultural conditioning, that judgment and punishment must exist in some form in the afterlife as it does on Earth.
  • 52%The descriptions about the form and procedure of council meetings are very consistent among all hypnosis subjects.
  • 53%The object of council meetings is not to demean the souls who come before them or to punish them for their shortcomings. The purpose of the Elders is to question the soul in order to help them achieve their goals in the next lifetime.
  • 53%most of my advanced clients, along with large numbers of intermediate souls, see their councils as androgynous.
  • 54%“That which you gain from each difficult life, you gain for all eternity.”
  • 55%The white energy of younger souls denotes a process of continual self-cleansing and renewal. For the more advanced, it signifies purity and clarity.
  • 56%The Wise One in the center . . . his powerful mind envelops me. Dr. N: What does he communicate to you exactly? S: (slowly) This is what I hear in my mind: “Emmanual, we are not here to judge you, punish you, or to override your thoughts. We want you to look at yourself through our eyes, if you can. That means to forgive yourself. This is the most challenging aspect of your time with us because it is our desire that you accept yourself for who you are with the same unconditional love we have for you. We are here to support you in your work on Earth. Toward that end, we would remind you of the bus stop incident.”
  • 59%Council medallions are symbolic of pain and purpose, triumphs and shortcomings of the souls who go before them.
  • 60%When one is in constant pain, even of low-grade intensity, it presents an opportunity—especially for a healer.
  • 61%During the time we are meeting with the Council of Elders there is the overwhelming feeling of an even higher force which is simply called “the Presence.”
  • 62%Indian, Egyptian, Persian and Chinese texts of the past speak of “the agencies of God” who were personified as metaphysical entities, some of whom were even anthropomorphic. Early Greco-Hebrew religious philosophy also identified with a stair-stepped concept of spiritual masters,
  • 63%Although karma is associated with justice, its essence is not punitive but one of bringing balance to the sum of our deeds in all past lives.
  • 64%knowing about our past lives, and our immortal life in the spirit world can provide a solid foundation for more conventional therapy later in a client’s local area.
  • 65%Always, there are karmic reasons behind the serious events involving relationships in our lives.
  • 65%The most healthy kind of love is one where you already feel good about yourself and so extending your love to someone else is totally unselfish. Love takes hard work and continual maintenance.
  • 66%A soul affiliate might have a specific characteristic that is exactly what is needed to bring a karmic lesson into your life. They are very likely to incarnate as people who carry strong positive or negative energy into their association with you.
  • 69%When we are hurt by someone close to us in life, or caused them hurt resulting in alienation and separation, it is because they volunteered to teach us lessons of some sort while learning lessons themselves.
  • 73%My subjects say that the desire for time alone in the spirit world comes from an intense need to dwell within the sacred confines of pure thought to try and touch the Source from which they sprang.
  • 74%Love is a desire for full unification with the object of that love. Spirits have the capability between lives of expressing love even more intimately than on Earth.
  • 74%Dr. N: What other differences do you know about between the souls of humans and that of animals? S: The main difference, other than size and capacity, is that animal souls are not ego-driven. They are not overwhelmed by identity issues as we are.
  • 76%People in deep hypnosis explain that musical thought is the language of souls. The composition and transmission of harmonic resonance appears to relate to the formation and presentation of spiritual language.
  • 76%I’m told spiritual harmonics are the building blocks of energy creation and soul unification.
  • 79%It took me centuries to learn to trust and be open with people inclined to hurt me as an outgrowth of their own anger. This was my last major hurdle.
  • 79%Why do you think you had to go through so much in your lives on Earth? S: How can I teach others unless I have gone through fire myself to become strong?
  • 80%Dreammasters, Redeemers of Lost Souls, Keepers of Neutrality, Restoration Masters, Incubator Mothers, Archivist Souls, Animal Caretaker Souls, Musical Directors, and Gamekeepers.
  • 82%Working for world betterment would eventually do away with intolerance against those who are different from us. The need for personal status and elitism is the conflict because it is equated with happiness.
  • 82%The lesson of Earth, as far as morality and ethics are concerned, is for the soul to be encased in the body of a being whose instincts—whose very nature—cry out for personal survival. The plight of others is secondary.
  • 82%Jung tells us, “The rational and irrational exist side by side and healthy people recognize the workings of both forces within themselves. We should look to our mental neuroses and physical ailments as unconscious value patterns.”
  • 82%Kant was right when he said, “If we believe in the immortality of the soul created by a divine source, this presupposes free will which may not include moral behavior.”
  • 82%Incarnating Harmonizer Souls might be statesmen, prophets, inspirational messengers, negotiators, artists, musicians and writers. Typically, they are souls who balance the energy of planetary events involving human relationships.
  • 84%I have come to the conclusion that intelligent energy waves create subatomic particles of matter and it is the vibrational frequency of these waves that causes matter to react in desired ways.
  • 85%These designer souls are the biologists and botanists of the spirit world and they say that extraterrestrial life exists on billions of planets.
  • 85%In our physical universe we know of 100 billion galaxies. Each of these silvery islands, separated by vast distances in light years, moves within the dark sea of space and contains countless billions of suns with the likelihood of life-supporting planets.
  • 86%Explorer guides can take souls on brief visits to higher dimensional levels to raise their consciousness.
  • 89%The Ring displays futuristic scenes of events and people the soul will encounter in the life to come.
  • 89%I cannot stress too much that all my subjects feel what they are seeing has been edited for their benefit and that they have less control over what they can watch than, say, in the library. Moreover, I have the impression that when looking into the future, they see more of an early life than later.
  • 91%The second and far more important factor is souls choosing a gay or lesbian orientation in advance of the life they are now living because they deliberately chose to exist in a society that would be prejudiced against them.
  • 91%Archivist Souls assist souls in searching out their past histories and alternative timelines to those events.
  • 92%Particles of energy do involve memory. Dr. N: How? S: Energy is the carrier of thought and memory within the sequences and these never pass into oblivion.
  • 93%The great lesson of Earth is to overcome both planetary and private destructive forces in life, grow strong from the effort, and move on.
  • 95%Change is a hallmark of karma through the use of free will in making course corrections into unfamiliar waters. Searching for who you really are is getting in touch with your inner Self and bringing passion and meaning into what you do in life.
  • 96%As for body matches with the soul, our options are offered to us in good faith for a variety of life designs. Body choices in the Ring are never used to trap us into something unsuitable for our development.
  • 98%Spinoza, who said, “All the cosmos is a single substance of which we are a part. God is not an external manifestation, but everything that is.”
  • 99%Some 2,400 years ago, Plato wrote about reincarnation and said that souls must travel over Lethe, the River of Forgetfulness, whose waters produce a loss of memory from our true nature.
  • 99%Camus tells us, “Both the rational and irrational lead to the same understanding. Truly, the path traveled matters little; the will to arrive is enough.”
  • 99%we are not evaluated after death by our religious associations but rather by our conduct and values. In the spirit world I am familiar with, we are measured more by what we do for others rather than ourselves.
  • 99%If traditional religious activity serves your purpose and provides you with spiritual sustenance, you are probably motivated by a belief in scripture and perhaps the desire for comradeship in worship. The same attractions are true with people who join metaphysical groups
  • 99%If there is no inner peace, it does not matter what sort of spiritual affiliation you have.
  • 99%Spiritual perception must be an individual quest or it has no meaning.
  • 99%to be effective in our mission we are expected to help others on their paths whenever possible. By helping others we help ourselves.