A Walk In The physical

Heart-warming and genuine spirituality

2021 Christian Sundberg

5 Stars
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Authentic and personal

19 July 2023

A Walk in the Physical is a genuine and thought-provoking book written from the author's own personal experiences. What makes this book stand out is that Sundberg succeeds in tackling the 'why' behind many spiritual questions and not just the 'what', and even though language is very limited to describe spiritual realities, love is still the underlying power of all of our existence.

Furthermore, he assures us that despite everything humanity currently experiences and everything we have gone through, there should be nothing to fear. All in all, it's a heartwarming read with both philosophical and practical insights.


  • Paperback:‎ 365 pages
  • E-book: 367 pages
  • ISBN-10:‎ 1737197006
  • ISBN-13:‎ 978-1737197003

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12 Important learnings and insights

  1. The Spiritual Journey
    You are a wonderful being of light who has come to Earth for a significant purpose, partaking in one of the most ambitious endeavors ever.
  2. Life's Meaning
    Your life is incredibly meaningful, whether or not you're currently aware of it.
  3. Inherent Qualities
    You and I are beings of incredible freedom, joy, and love, originating from the Source of all Creation.
  4. Skepticism and Belief
    Even when others doubt your ambitions, your determination can make the difference.
  5. Contrast in Experiences
    Life can sometimes feel like going from a state of vibrant connectedness to an airless, cold vacuum.
  6. Choices and Consequences
    Decisions you make, even those in metaphysical realms, can have real-world implications.
  7. Commitment
    Once you make a choice, especially a significant one, you are committed to it.
  8. Self-Realization
    God serves as a reminder of your true essence and capabilities.
  9. Healing
    Facing your fears and the darkness can lead to healing through numerous transformative encounters.
  10. Eye-Opening Experiences
    Life offers moments that significantly alter your perspective and understanding.
  11. The Power of Love
    Love is the underlying force in the universe, eliminating the need for fear.
  12. Beyond the Story
    You are more than just the confines of your life story; your existence extends beyond it.

In-depth summary

Introduction: Beings of Light in a Grand Endeavor
The book opens by acknowledging the reader as a "wonderful being of light," here on Earth to partake in one of the most ambitious endeavors of creation. Sundberg emphasizes that the reader's life is incredibly meaningful, setting the stage for a transformative experience.

The Constraints of Language
The book proceeds to tackle the limitations of human language when it comes to describing higher dimensions and spiritual realities. Sundberg mentions that words fall short in communicating the nature of our greater being and even the process of incarnation. Our language is limited by "local assumptions," making it inadequate for conveying higher realities that transcend our earthly system.

The Essence of Our Being
Sundberg elaborates that we are beings of "incredible freedom, joy, and love," essentially sparks emanating from the Source of all Creation. This sets the foundation for the book's deeper explorations, urging readers to see their lives as a divine journey, rather than just a physical existence.

Delving into Duality
The book discusses the concept of "duality" as a means to expand both personal joy and the depth of all Creation. Sundberg clarifies that by diving deep into duality, we can fully engage with the constraints of physicality. This section serves to address the 'why' behind the journey into duality, paving the way for deeper explorations in the subsequent chapters.

The Catalyst of Physical Hardships
Sundberg recounts a personal encounter with an enlightened spiritual being who achieved an advanced state of spiritual growth through several challenging physical lifetimes. One such lifetime involved enduring a chronic, debilitating condition. This narrative serves as a potent example that physical hardships are not senseless suffering but catalysts for spiritual advancement.

Time, Distance, and Confronting Fears
The book explores the nature of time and its differing functionality in the spiritual realm as opposed to the earthly dimension. Sundberg shares his personal aspiration to experience significant 'distance' from the Source, which is existential rather than spatial. This is fueled by the need to confront and heal deeply ingrained fears. The fears revolve around feelings of powerlessness to avoid suffering and the pride that resists enduring it.

The Veil of Forgetfulness
Sundberg introduces the "Veil of Forgetfulness," a metaphysical mechanism that causes us to forget our broader spiritual identities when incarnating on Earth. This is depicted as essential for a full human experience, making the lessons we learn from life's challenges more impactful and transformative.

Divine Remembrance and Expanded Consciousness
The book narrates an experience where Sundberg felt enveloped by a divine presence, which expanded his consciousness to encompass galaxies, stars, and the greater universe. This serves as a poignant reminder of our eternal, cosmic nature. "You can never not be this," the book insists, emphasizing our unbreakable connection to the divine and the larger cosmos.

The Early Years: A Slow Forgetting
Sundberg delves into his early childhood, during which he could access a form of "flow chart" of memories that allowed him to anticipate future events. This unique ability gradually faded as he adopted the beliefs and perceptions of his caregivers and society at large. This personal anecdote serves as a reflection of how we often lose touch with our innate spiritual wisdom as we grow older.

The Challenges of Earthly Existence
The book recounts Sundberg's personal experiences with severe physical ailments, including heat stroke and neurological damage that led to intense pain. These physical challenges activated deep-rooted fears within him, pushing him toward therapies like EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) to confront these fears and find healing.

Therapeutic Healing and Embracing the Present
Sundberg shares his journey through various therapies, emphasizing the effectiveness of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) in confronting and healing deep-seated fears. The key to his healing was embracing the present moment, which led to a profound sense of liberation and inner peace.

The Collective Spiritual Journey: Our Final Destination
In the concluding sections, Sundberg revisits the concept of collective consciousness. He argues that our individual experiences, struggles, and spiritual growth contribute to a collective spiritual evolution. This collective consciousness is more than an abstract idea; it's a lived reality that we all partake in. By actively engaging in our personal spiritual journeys, we help uplift the collective consciousness of humanity and, by extension, all of existence.